Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Muslim Militants loot Christian Farmer's Rice Crops in Pakistan

Rather ironic, isn't it? It would interesting to monitor John Dayal's position on this. I'll make a logical extrapolation, the Indian padre position will be silence because bleating about Christian persecution in Pakistan or Bangladesh would raise rather inconvenient questions detrimental to the larger cause (for them, that is), namely growing Abrahamic synergy in India. It is rather sad because these Rice christians in Pakistan are almost to the last man, children of Hindu Dalits who lacked the resources to combat Islamic tyranny or displace themselves to India at the time of partition. Since they would be guaranteed massacre and rapine as Hindus in jihadi Pakistan, they converted to the ROL which they saw as the lesser evil relative to the ROP, only to be mistreated again and to see the travesty of John Dayal negating their misery. In retrospect, it would appear that they made a poor choice of converting to the ROL. They may have been better off remaining Hindu and escaping to India with SC status and reservations.

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