Friday, December 07, 2007

Modi's interview with IBN

dec 7th, 2007

the ELM acts as though the only problem with india is modi.

in fact the principal problem with india is the kaaangress. unless this poisonous entity is destroyed to its very roots india will not develop.

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habc said...

'It is better to be at mercy of God than Sonia'

Modi reacted in this manner to Singh's remarks at an election rally in Surat that people of Gujarat are at the "mercy of God" if they oppose the BJP government.

Modi's choice of words were same as Singh apparently to get even with him when he asked "Isn't it better to be at the mercy of God than being at the mercy of Sonia Gandhi?

"My advice to the Prime Minister is that if he is also at the mercy of God rather than the mercy of Sonia Gandhi it will be better for the country," Modi said
while addressing election rallies in this district.