Friday, December 07, 2007

Lee Kuan Yew on why India's peaceful rise (vis-a-vis China's) has not created unease in the US and the West

dec 7th, 2007

in other words, the white guys know that indian politicians can easily be bought for a few dollars and a couple of boondoggle trips to some meaningless conference, and perhaps a job or two for their children in some investment bank.

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Current Events

India's Peaceful Rise

Lee Kuan Yew
12.24.07, 12:00 AM ET 

Even though the economy's annual growth rate has been 8% to 9% for the last five years, India's peaceful rise hasn't led to unease over the country's future. Instead, Americans, Japanese and western Europeans are keen to invest in India, ride on its growth and help develop another heavyweight country.

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Chatrapath said...


Good posting, but it really makes me think...why is it that Hindus are willing to sell for a few gold coins, but whites will never do so?

The most powerful example--how does an uneducated daughter of a bricklayer marry into India's First Family and then go on to RULE THE COUNTRY 100%!

If an uneducated Hindu woman married into the Bush family, would our white friends allow her to have this much power even if she was worth $1 trillion dollars?

NO WAY. They will never allow someone different to control their destiny AND I RESPECT THEM FOR IT.

Why are we not the same way?