Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Kaangress goondas paid Rs 500 per killing in 1984

It was a tell-tale evidence, preciously scarce, of the manner in which the violence had been organised. Rioters were paid and they were paid in proportion to the number of Sikhs killed by them, the author says.
The pay-offs issue reinforces the allegation that the violence, far from being spontaneous, was the outcome of a high-level conspiracy. However, Justice Ranganath Misra Commission, which probed the carnage, failed to notice the very excerpt a disclosure of far greater evidentiary value.
The commission glossed over it lest it contradicted its big finding that the violence had begun spontaneously
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Kaangress genocide killed over 4000 innocent Sikhs and the inquiry by constipated "Justice" Ranganath Misra sought to minimise the atrocity. Where are all the Kaangress wallahs who demand prosecution at the International Court of Justice at the drop of a hat? Shikhandi MMS apologised to the Sikhs on behalf of the entire nation for those riots - he had no business doing that. The nation did not carry out that genocide against Sikhs in Delhi - Kaangress thugs did. Therefore, while apologies will not remedy anything, the MMS apology was technically wrong and rather deviously attempted to shift the burden of responsibility from the Kaangress to the Hindus.

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