Monday, December 03, 2007

IBN disrespecting all Gujarati Women

dec 3, 2007

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From: K

According to this IBN article BJP is having a lot of women candidates in this election just because Modi is single and all these women have the hots  for him.
Here is a party that is actually implementing the women's reservation while other parties just give lip service and Rajdeep is finding a twisted angle in this too!!!!
How much more demeaning and moraly corrupt can IBN get? Rajdeep needs to get his head out of the gutter.


Uddharet said...

Not many people pay attention to this pipsqueak named Rajdeep Sour Desai.
In any case the Italian woman of dubious antecedents has said something much more defamatory: “Those ruling Gujarat are beimaan and maut ke saudagar" (dishonest and merchants of deaths).” Is there no law in our country to punish such slander and libel?
To cap it, the Hor'b_e Science & Technology minister, Kapi_ Sibal, tries to justify the defamation, saying that the Italian woman's remarks were “based on Supreme Court's observations and cases like fake encounter of Soharabuddin Sheikh.” I just wonder whether the Supreme Court would suo motu take note of Sibal's statement and haul him up.

karyakarta92 said...

It's consistent you see. They always target the weaker sections of society - either for conversion, denigration or genocide. Historically, it is Hindu women who have always suffered the most under Mullah, Missionary holocaust. This aspect of semitic denigration of Hindu womanhood is yet to be avenged.

Srinivas said...

I posted a comment on IBN's website. They have not published it. I expected them to be spineless creatures, they met my expectations :-).