Sunday, December 09, 2007

hillary falters, barack is un-electable. so draft gore? else the republicans win?

dec 9th, 2007

normally i am not bothered about the democrat's discomfiture, nor about the republicans' travails. in effect, they're tweedeldum/tweedledee and i couldn't care less about them. i am, after all, a registered Green Party member. or i was. i don't get election material from them, maybe i have fallen off their radar.

but i am posting this here because of the resident democrat-fan, tallindian who thinks democrats are god's gift of mankind. not quite.

so what happens now?

hillary is losing female votes to barack because of oprah, i am told. amazing, because of a TV talk-show host. shows the intelligence level of the american female voter.

barack is a mohammedan-born guy, and as far as the saudis are concerned, he is a mohammedan. his professed christism would be al-taqiyah. saudis must be pumping in money into his campaign, hoping that (even though he is a black, and thus a slave, to them) as a mohammedan president, he'll do lots for mohammedans. although as far as i can see, the texas oilmen is already doing a lot for mohammedans (ie. rich mohammedans like the saudis).

it would be ironic if nobel prize winner and kleiner-perkins VC al gore is drafted. he might actually win.

i don't believe america will elect a woman or a black to the presidency. it doesn't fit in with their patriarchal christist ethos of a cantankerous old white guy with a beard (viz. yhwh) running things. nobody with melanin or a skirt can match that.

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