Friday, August 01, 2008

Why Do Myra & Robert Want Us Dead?

I've always felt that the Atlanticists are one of our worst adversaries, because of the clandestine support they give to Pakistan and even China, and the secret antipathy they harbour for India. Some may choose not to believe this of course, calling it a paranoid conspiracy theory. But read this latest article by Myra McDonald.

Myra McDonald is going out of her way to challenge the scrutiny and pressure being put on Pak's ISI at this moment, in connection with the bombing of India's embassy in Kabul. Personally, I'd prefer not to look a gifthorse in the mouth. But Myra seems unhappy that Pak is suffering such accusations, when these were never made before. That Pakistan is indeed guilty of blowing up the Indian embassy is an issue which she carefully and deliberately avoids.

In physics, certain phenomena and behavioural characteristics which are not normally apparent, sometimes become visible under extreme conditions. This can also similarly be the case in the murky world of politics. Normally, the Atlanticists can keep hidden their sympathies for their Pak catspaw. But when the Pak catspaw is under abnormally severe attack and pressure, then the hidden supporters in the Atlanticist community are forced to reveal themselves, as they come forth to assist their Pak catspaw from its predicament.

Meanwhile Robert Kaplan writes in Atlantic Monthly that we shouldn't criticize or expect Pak to stop bombing Indian embassies, until India stops making Pak feel insecure.

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Ghost Writer said...

The Kaplan article is disappointing as he is usually better than the run-of-the-mill Atlanticists.

You have to feel sorry for the poor fellows - they back Musharraf for so many years and it all comes to naught - they back Benazir, but some crackpot Jihadists blows that plan away. Finally, they are left to deal with Gilani - who appeared so pathetic in an interview with PBS - you almost felt like Margaret Warner was his nanny and was scolding him for touching himself in bad places.

Not that the Yanks have ever had the balls to ever ask General Musharraf as to " Who really controls the ISI? " - I guess they like to pick on the little guy (come on Gilani is the Pakistani equivalent of IK Gujaral).

It will not make a whit of difference - the military Generals in Pakistan and the rent-a-state crowd - they are simply whoring out their nation for the the spoils. If the US will not pay - they will whore themselves to China