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Why are Kashmiris so fond of Pakistan?

aug 13th, 2008

they want to enjoy the special status mohammedans get in india. they don't actually want to live in pakistan, where they'd be treated like pond scum by the punjabis.

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Tue Aug 12, 2008 8:44 pm (PDT)

"Pakistan se khabar aayi, Umer-Geelani bhai bhai," ecstatic Hurriyat activists had cheered its chairman Mirwaiz Umer Farooq when he arrived at the residence of Syed Ali Shah Geelani, leader of the rebel faction of the separatist amalgam, on June 28 soon after his return from Pakistan, according to a news item in Times of India dated 13th August, 2008.

The news item continues, efforts were on for quite some time to unite the two factions of Hurriyat, the separatist grouping that stoked the present unrest in the Valley over handing over of 100 acres to the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board.

The fact that Hurriyat leaders were working in close coordination with militant outfits based in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and were constantly in touch on the agitation over the land transfer issue was clear when LeT founder Hafiz Saeed said in Lahore on Monday that he had spoken to Geelani. Saeed said he had a telephone conversation with Geelani and was briefed in detail by the separatist leader on people being arranged from different parts of Kashmir for the march to Muzaffarabad.

The LeT founder assured all support to the separatists in their agitation and said that "thousands of Jamaat-ud-Daawa workers had reached Chakothi (in PoK) with food-loaded trucks" to receive people from Kashmir attempting to cross the LoC.

However, the beginning to unite the two Hurriyat factions was made two years ago when Hizbul Mujahideen, close to the Geelani faction, had warned Mirwaiz of his flirtation with the Indian government and had even advised him to "obey Geelani saheb". The LeT, the second biggest militant force in the Valley after HuM, too had batted for Geelani and had asked Mirwaiz's faction not to follow back channel diplomacy. The LeT chief had also termed the split in the ranks of Hurriyat as "cheating of Kashmiris".

Hurriyat leader Sheikh Abdul Aziz, who was killed in Monday's police firing in Chalhal while leading a rally towards Muzaffarabad, was working towards the unification of the two groups in the past two years.

His killing may give fresh impetus to the separatists to whip up frenzy in the current volatile scenario which looks like a repeat of the 1989-90 situation that saw the beginning of insurgency in the Valley with hundreds of youths crossing over to PoK. On Tuesday, both Geelani and Mirwaiz had to be released by security forces from their house arrest as the separatists refused to bury Aziz's body till they were allowed to attend the funeral.

The politics over the killing has already begun with many parties joining the separatists in calling the Hurriyat leader's killing a sinister design. Aziz's People's League was one of the constituents of the Hurriyat Conference. He had aligned with Geelani when the latter split from Hurriyat. However, Aziz later joined hands with Mirwaiz and was working towards the unification of the two sides.

It seems from the above news item that Kashmiris have become fond of Pakistan because Pakistani flags were also fluttering in Srinagar during the protest march.. Why are the Kashmiris so fond of Pakistan? They have become pro-Pakistani because of the weak kneed policy of the Indian Government which has been appeasing Muslims from the beginning to get their votes.
The question also raises a question mark over the loyalty of the rest of the Indian Muslims. Why do Muslims vote for those who want to retain article 370 of the Constitution conferring special status on J&K? Why do not the Indian Muslims come out in support of the demand for abolition of article 370 of the Constitution so that Kashmiris could get integrated w ith the rest of the Indians? Just as the majority of Kashmiris being Muslims want to side with Pakistan, the same feeling must be prevailing in the rest of the Indian Muslims. However, they could not go over to Pakistan because of their business or their employment being in India.
It is time that Muslims should clear themselves of the question being raised about their loyalty and should support the demand for abolition of article 370 of the Constitution. They should also treat India as their country and like the rest of the Indians, ask for a Uniform Civil Code and throwing out of the Bangladeshi illegal immigrants from India. This is the need of the hour.

Satbir Singh Bedi

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