Sunday, August 10, 2008

Poking the Bear

It seems the Georgians tried to do a Kargil on Russia in the South Ossetia region, and are now getting their butts whipped for their trouble. Unlike the tepid response from the "Indian shooparpowwar" when Kargil happened, the Russians are immediately attacking various other parts of Georgia, including its capital and seaport.

No doubt, the outbreak of tensions will give the Atlanticist types another excuse to revive their ColdWar agenda. So far, Bush hasn't intervened, since he needs Russia's cooperation in his plan for attacking Iran (although apparently he was very moved when the Georgians told him they had named their country after him. They have also supplied him with the 3rd largest troop contingent in Iraq, after US and British forces.)

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, JessicaB fearfully frets.

Maybe this will lead to a Gone With the Wind sequel. Is Omar Sharif still alive?

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Tranquil said...

Wrong san.

Russia invading Georgia is akin to Pakistan and Bangladesh unleashing terrorism in India.

Befriending ruthless Russia as pro kgb India has always done never really benefitted us.