Thursday, August 07, 2008

More facts about Land of the Pure

Inflaton @ 25 %; stock market down 35% and foex only covers three months of import!!!!

how come the media in India does not educate us to these facts about Pakistan? I guess it's hard to do when sucking upto the Yanks and lauding Omar Abdullah for one of the strangest speeches anyone will ever make (even Pratap Mehta cannot understand why)

Looks liek the dreaded Atlanticsts may be waking up to their evil child


Shankar said...

Ironically, Muslims tend to be more respectful towards assertive Hindus like Bal Thackeray and Narendra Modi than to the tail-folding clan that Comrade Ram belongs to. Timidity and self-loathing always go hand-in-hand.

Uddharet said...

I know of two "Comrade[s] Ram": the editor of an English newspaper that calls itself "The Hindu", and the politician, P. Chidamba Ram. Both are the tail-folding type. Which one did you refer to? Or is it yet another Comrade Ram?

Shankar said...

N Ram, ofcourse. I refer to his editorials as works of 'Poisoned Intellect'.

The politician 'Ram' will be remembered for the stock market bubbles he wants credit for.