Tuesday, August 12, 2008

brahma chellaney: how sonia screwed indian interests, yet again

aug 12th, 2008

in addition to telling mohammedan terrorists, "you can do whatever you want in india, just don't kill me and my brat", sonia is also telling china, "just treat me as the queen, and you can take nepal, your fifth columnists can take their pasupati-to-tirupati corridor, your acolytes can do whatever they want in bengal".


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surinder attri said...

Pakistan’s Jehadic-War against its Hindus

By S.P. Attri ( USA )


1. Pakistan’s Jehadic-War against its Hindus, is somber & serious to the last limit. It is not something casual or nonchalant, but something calculated & committed, for the destruction of the Kafir Hindu, who has not repented, for not accepting Allah & Hazrat Mohammad. The bloodthirstiness & fiendishness of Pakistani-Sullas, against the hateful idolatrous Kafir-Hindu, is shocking, shameful, and highly-condemnable. The world is sleeping over the profane & shameless armed war of Paki-Sullas, against the defenseless, Kafir-Hindus of Pakistan. But the Hindus of India & of Diospora, cannot abandon their kith & kin & their own Hindu people, and leave them at the mercy of barbarian Sullas of Pakistan. Mullahs & Maulvies of Pakistan, consider it the sacred-duty of Paki-Sullas, for the total elimination of Kufr & Kafir-Hindus, from the territory of Pakistan. Hence, they are going at it with full efforts. They are determined to exterminate the Kafir Hindu, from the territory of Pakistan.

2. Sullas are striking at the Helpless Kafir Hindu, with fanatic-frenzy. Hindu girls are regularly kidnapped, raped, forcibly converted and married to muslim thugs. They are intimidated and coerced to give testimony in the court that their conversion is voluntary. They may be minors, below 20 years of age and the court accepts their conversion, against the wishes of the parents. Parents are threatened and intimidated from pursuing the case. The girls remain married for six months and the husband divorces her; hands over the girl to a second husband and the cycle continues, till the girl commits suicide.

3. Hindus are arbitrarily taken to the police stations and then they disappear. It is called “ enforced disappearances. “ Blasphemy laws are used against the Hindus to capture their property or their women; the accused will be in jail immediately, with no hopes of bail.
Hindu businessmen being kidnapped for ransom is a multi million dollar industry.
Poor Hindus are w orking in slavery like conditions in the estates of absentee landlords in Sindh province. Destruction of places of worship is the traditional Islamic sport: hundreds of Hindu temples have been vandalized.

4. Most Hindus do not know what an evil & murderous belief, Islam really is. They are too na├»ve, too gullible, to either realize or to withstand the Islamic onslaught, against the Kafirs of the world. Kafirs ( Idolatrous Kafir-Hindus included ) are portrayed as the eternal enemies of Allah, and the killing of Kafirs is regarded as Allah’s Will. This ideology is preached in sermons that are broadcast every Friday. Compromise with Kafirs is preached as Heretical. Paki-Sullas consider themselves as the vanguard, in the war against Kafirs. They believe that all land in the territory of Pakistan is a “ Religious Waqf ( an Islamic Trust ). “ Any Paki-Moslem who relinquishes any part of Paki-Land to Kafirs, is damned to Hell.

5. The ultimate destruction of Kafirs is a certainty, Allah has promised that. Therefore, Paki-Moslems are urged, to liberate the Paki-lands from the defilement of Kafir-Hindus. The resurrection of the dead ( dead-Moslems ) will not arrive, until the Moslems fight the Kafirs & kill them.

Blessed is the Moslem who fights Jehad, in the name of Allah.

Blessed is the Moslem who, goes on raids against Kafirs, in the name of Allah.

Blessed is the Moslem who dons a vest of explosives on himself, or on his children, & goes in to the depth of Kafirs, & says: “ Allahu Akbar, Blessed Be Allah. “

6. With these kinds of teachings, imparted to Sullas every Friday, the destruction of Kafir-Hindu & his religions inside the territory of Pakistan, is a certainty, unless the Hindus of India & of Diospora confront Islam, help the Hindus of Pakistan, & make the price of Islam’s cruelty on Hindus too high.

Surinder Paul Attri