Saturday, August 02, 2008

Hindu resistance against Kashmiri Jihad reaches Delhi

Two more members of the Hindu resistance made the supreme sacrifice in protest against the Kashmiri Mohammedan Jihad against India. They were killed in police firing for the enforcement of the governing principles of "secular" fascism in India, namely government collaboration in the annihilation of Hinduism by foreign binary death cults. Dhimmi governor of J&K, NN Vohra is personally culpable of homicide and needs to be brought before a war crimes tribunal for being a docile accomplice in the Jihadi agenda of obnoxious thugs.

Off topic, why is it that not a single Jihadi genocidal maniac anywhere on the planet ever gets apprehended and prosecuted by the Hague? And, it's always people reacting against Mohammedan genocide - people like Milosevic and Karadzic who get demonised, arrested and mysteriously die in custody. I think this speaks something about the effectiveness of the Saudi funded Mohammedan propaganda machine that portrays a mythology of Mohammedan innocence, grievances etc.

Anyway, it is heartening to note that the Hindus of Jammu have been resolute in their resistance to the Jihadi supremacist agenda with respect to the Amarnath Yatra. The Jihadi thugs are essentially bullies. They can be defeated by a determined and uncompromising deployment of punitive measures.
Enforcement of a watertight economic blockade on the gluttonous Mohammedans of Kashmir will bring them to their knees eventually and make them see reason.
Such a blockade can be reinforced by further punitive measures against Kashmiri Mohammedan interests across the nation, where the Abdullah/Mufti/Hurriyat acolytes
roam around unmolested. Let their apples rot. Let their emporia shut down. Let the Mehboobas and Abdullahs have their faces blackened in Delhi.

There was a comment recently on another thread to the effect that Hindus lack the moral fiber, intellect, strength etc to survive in the 21st century. I vehemently contest this opinion. That notion may hold true for dense headed Dhimmis like Shivraj Patil and dishonest knaves like Chidambaram, Manmohan and others of their ilk. Any Jihadi or loony bin Christist evangelical who believes India will simply fall into their lap like a ripe fruit is living in a fool's paradise.
Even if the BJP suffers from some ideological denudation, there are still enough
Hindu nationalists with the intellectual ballast and the endurance to break the back of the Jihad in India for good.


Shivaji's Blog said...


You make some great points, but I really think that 90% of Hindus really really underestimate the determination of the binary death cults.

It's true that the jihadists want to see Hindus and Hinduism disappear. Evangelism is absolutely the more dangerous of the two ideologies. Evangelism seeks to undermine Hindus and Hinduism in a much more insidious and quiet manner. Evangelists seek to make Hindus themselves denigrate Hinduism because they need more christist soldiers to fight in their campaigns. They see Hindus as consumers, more wombs, more donations, and ultimately more power. As written before, behind the mask of christism is the naked face of gora domination. It's already started with sonia maino taking the reigns of power and the funneling of funds from Tirupati by Samuel Reddy and his cronies to fund evangelism in India. All compliments of Hindus. WE ARE 100% TO BLAME FOR THIS STATE OF AFFAIRS.

Even if Samuel and Sonia drop dead, our leaders and Hindus themselves will just find another christist to lead them. Refusal is the most powerful weapon. If all Hindus looked deep down inside of themselves and if they had even a modicum of self-respect, they would never allow a foreigner who has zero respect and zero attachment to India and its culture, its religion they would just look at this person and simply refuse to even acknowledge this person. Then we would be free. That's all it takes.

The sad things is that I have found in my experience that Hindus really can't run their own affairs or rule themselves. We always seek the approval and validation of the gora. Complete slave mentality. Macaulay did his job well.

In summary, there is a lot of corruption involved. A lot of people are getting a lot of loot that they don't mind selling the souls of their wives and children.

But, at what cost? Can't we all still be rich without selling our souls to the lowest bidder?

Shivaji's Blog said...

The real source of power of the kashmiri jihad is the overseas kashmiri muslim community in the USA. They and their benefactor, the CEO of Ethan Allen, spend approximately $2 million per year browbeating India and funding a stealth campaign of misinformation.

They have very intelligently de-emphasized the fact and lied to Americans that their cause is not an islamic cause. Many kashmiris are very fair-skinned so they mix in quite well into American society. Most Americans are not aware of the jihadist connection with the kashmir cause. Ironically, this same funding machine gives "donations" to christist politicians back home (Sam Reddy) and to Hindus willing to take money to sell their souls. they have also forged links with every secessionist movement inside India and beyond.

I couldn't believe how organized these campaigns were. They work hand-in-hand with the paki lobby in the US, they have made connections with editors of newspapers.

The most amazing thing is that Farooq Kathwari, of Ethan Allen has even received awards from JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS. Imagine that! A jihadist who gets an award from a JEWISH ORGANIZATION!!! What is this world coming to?

Sadly, when I told one Hindu lady about this, she got SO militant and Marxist on me she gave me a tongue lashing about casteism and how intolerant Hinduism is to women, etc etc.

I realized that I have to really be careful and more discreet.