Monday, August 04, 2008

gulf news: Indian numeral system

aug 4th, 2008

interesting. arabs claim their numerals are actually indian, and now they are ditching them. and that the 'english' numerals are really arabic.

so when is india going to apply for IPR rights on the ten-digit decimal representation. that would be a good idea whenever microsoft or hollywood start talking about IPR theft :-)

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From: tambidude

Actually this news gives credit to Indian numeral system which really
surprised me. I thought muzzies take credit for all.


AGworld said...

This is true.
In fact, when i was in the middle east, they not only referred to this as the indian system but the Hindu system.
And they note that their system is very different.

However, the dhimmi indian press does not even refer to these numerals as the "hindu arabic" system but merely the "arabic" system.

And the arabs themselves call it hindu.

Talk about being more christian than the pope (mixing metaphors wildly).

Sameer said...

A chinese Propagandawala selling his story in UK.

I appreciate the way he highlights the Gitmo incident to show the Europeans/westerners that they are not holier than others. But he does not address the Tibetan issues.