Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Georgia Pulled a Kargil

Here's a witty, entertaining and astute commentary by military-blogger 'War Nerd' on the now concluding Caucasus War. In contrast to our reader 'tranquil', I for one am glad the Russians gave a tooth-breaking response to the Georgian aggression. This is what we should have done when Pak stabbed us in the back in Kargil. Pakistan isn't quite the tiny Mouse-That-Roared country like Georgia is, though - it's more like a somewhat larger, rabid pit bull. Maybe the day will come where we can give them a similar comeuppance. Anyhow, this latest event shows that Russia is certainly back as a Great Power, and is not to be trifled with.


gopinath said...

And in the mean time, Pak is interfering with our internal affairs of J&K. All we are doing is warning them, strongly again. Thats all our response is. Spineless "Con" gress should go for sure.
The bending over the back towards Pak and China is a shame on all of us. For a country which believes so strongly in God and powers above, I pray that there is some power which wipes out these fools. Thats the only hope I guess.

Ghost Writer said...

Tranquil seems to have written a lot without necessarily making a point - most of it is anti-India ranting, mixed with sweet yummies for Tamil-learning Chinese.

This piece by Persltein is worth reading - provided you can ignore the usual holier-than-thou lets show em attitude

Arguably Puting is a thug - but so is America for supporting tin pot dictators in Central Asia with only one goal - the strategic encirclement of Russia. Why be surprised when Russia hits back? Ahmed Rashid in his latest book, Descent Into Chaos tells us the gory details about American 'engagement' in this region

witan said...

When Mikheil Saakashvili’s plans misfired
This seems to be a baloanced analysis of the Georgia-Ossetia happenings. I hasten to add, however, that I am not quite familiar with the history and politics of the region.