Sunday, August 03, 2008

Britons in Mumbai child abuse case freed

aug 3rd, 2008

white people can get away with anything in kkkangress-ruled india.

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From: Gir

The contrast in reporting cannot go unnoticed:

BBC Report:

Campaigning group Fair Trials Abroad said the appeal verdict meant the men had been "rightfully acquitted".

Reuters Report:
On Tuesday, Childline Indian Foundation, an organisation helping children in distress, approached the Supreme Court to ask for the acquittal to be overturned.


Sameer said...

why just them? Even our Indian news media tried their best to tone down their crime. A kid died in some ashram school and NDTV and other hyenas talked about paedophilia etc., but they did not speak much of these vultures.

Anyway, our justice system which otherwise takes eons to deliver justice, was surprisingly quick and yes Kaangress ka haath is clearly visible.
They would have rallied 'Human rights' 'Persecution' etc. had they been convicted.

Love Mother India said...

an indian serving sentence for peodophile charges