Sunday, August 10, 2008

AlQaeda's #2 Attacks Pak Politicians

That Egyptian jihadi Al-Zawahiri has suddenly released a speech in English, attacking Pakistan's politicians. Note that he is now attacking the politicians of the country, as distinct from Mushy and the military. This guy seems to be the elder thinker among AlQaeda, and his speeches are always made with a deeper purpose. It seems to me that he is afraid of the imminent impeachment of Musharraf, which would clear the way for civilian politicians to put a leash on ISI, at USA's behest. Such a move could spell the end for Taliban and AlQaeda, and I'm sure Al-Zawahiri recognizes this all too well. (Who knows? Maybe the jihadis even read our humble blogposts.) His flailing is too little, too late, though. As soon as Mush is gone, then ISI is next on the list.

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