Monday, February 02, 2009

Polarized by Chawla Issue

feb 2nd, 2009

i have been observing navin chawla for some time, ever since he wrote the biography of that old bat m. teresa. a very good example of the kind of person who gets ahead by sucking up to christists. no doubt he's a crypto-christist himself, as can be seen from his ability to lie and cheat endlessly.

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From: Arun

Please do not ignore these reports. NDTV, Chindu and their Marxist friends are supporting this sly operator

Chawla's loo breaks led to Congress phone calls: CEC

In the report to the President, the CEC notes that whenever the full bench meeting was seized of an issue, Chawla will make an excuse of going to the washroom. And soon thereafter, invariably, the CEC would get phone calls from top Congress functionaries even as the meeting was in progress.

Chawla was also found to have exercised 'extra-statutory control in jail matters', including 'the treatment of detenues'. Not confining himself to dictating to his boss as to the persons to be arrested, he also prescribed how they were to be treated in prison. For instance, he was for constructing special cells with asbestos roofs to 'bake' certain prisoners. Kishan Chand pathetically admitted to Justice Shah that he was not a free agent and Chawla used to receive instructions directly from Sanjay Gandhi and he (Kishan Chand) came into the picture only to the extent that he was required to fulfill some technical formalities.

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