Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Timesofindia.com: Godhra film bags honour in Pak

feb 17th, 2009

nandita das, although pretty, is a bimbo.

it's bimbos like her who convert and marry somebody like the mohammedan TV guy in the US whose sad tale is below -- he *had* to cut her head off, because she tried to divorce him.

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Godhra film bags honour in Pak
Actor-director Nandita Das received the best film award for her directorial debut, Firaaq, at the 7th Kara Film Festival in Karachi.

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Message from Karyakarta
The Lahore brigade is back to the old "people to people contact" game. A state founded on Jihadi genocide awards a commie film based on the "contours of communal holocaust"!!!! What a travesty of truth!!!


Sameer said...

You call her pretty?
She does roles of all such nature, anti-hindu.
She looks to me like a two-dollar Pros*****e (They look better than her). Sorry to use that expression, I feel there are prettier girls who act than her. She is a media hype like all those pro-leftist stupids (like Slumdog Movie).

Incognito said...

Will these people who accept awards from Pakis have the courage to make a similar movie about Baluchistan, Swat, NWFP etc.?
Why not about the plight of Kashmiri Pandits, of whom Mahesh Bhatt hilmself is supposed to belong.

In fact some kashmiri pandits like Jawahar Nehru, Bhatt and Markandeya Katju appear to be the ones who are actually against their own people.

Is it reflective of the success of Muslims in dhimmifying a large portion of people of Kashmir which place has been having muslim majority for a long time..?