Monday, February 02, 2009

Nation needs Gopalaswami, not Chawla

feb 2nd, 2009

kkkangress demonstrates how to steal elections.

that speaker guy (i forgot his name, but he's a fat bengali communist) in parliament demonstrated earlier how the kkkangress subverts democracy: has anybody heard anything lately about the huge scandal where the no-confidence motion that should have brought down manmohan's government was handily stolen using large amounts of money?

much like the abhaya case, it too has been swept under the carpet.

the communists use physical intimidation and polling-station capturing as their techniques.

the kkkangress is a little more sophisticated.

but democracy has no place in the scheme of things for either party.

the speaker guy was also very one-sided. he kicked out some bjp mps for taking bribes to ask questions, or something trivial. but when the UPA was seen on video bribing people to vote for them, the speaker did not take any action. 

thus, if you just influence one or two bombastic and loud fellows, you can easily subvert democracy. that's exactly what the kkkangess is doing in pushing navin chawla forward. i heard that the kkkangress law minister has said he intends to replace gopalaswami with navin chawla. ie. the whistleblower will be kicked out and the corrupt person given full control.

it is believed that the 2004 elections were probably stolen by the use of rigged electronic voting machines. with chawla in charge, wanna bet every electronic voting machine will be rigged to only elect kkkangress people? landslide, yeah.

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Subject: Nation needs Gopalaswami, not Chawla


Nation needs Gopalaswami, not Chawla


B R Haran


Monday, 02 February 2009, 04:14 PM


When politics gets into the hands of corrupts and criminals democracy loses its meaning. Democracy can retain its sanctity only when the politicians remain perfect. The Indian democracy largely remained pure, despite a few impediments here and there, but lost its sanctity when Indhra Gandhi imposed 'emergency' on this nation. Since then democracy has been deteriorating steadily with the influx of crime and corruption. This resulted in the steady decline in the credibility of 'independent' institutions like Police, CBI, Judiciary and now the Election Commission.


Navin Chawla must be a 'bad omen' as he came into the limelight during the darkest chapter of Independent India's history, that is, emergency. He had played extremely controversial roles, as a loyal servant of the Nehru family, during emergency period taking commands from them and inflicting huge injuries on this nation (the scars will remain for ever). He had also faced the worst kind of indictment from the Shah Commission, which probed the 'excessive' role of the executive during that period, dubbing him totally 'unfit' to hold any public office. But then, the demise of the Janatha government in a short span of time had helped him to survive and he reaped the benefits for being loyal, the moment Indhra came back to power and since then he has been climbing up the ladder to reach the present coveted level.


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