Wednesday, February 25, 2009

christist Evangelist director Using Islam to Batter Hinduism

feb 25th, 2009

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Christian Evangelist Producer Using Islam to Batter Hinduism  

Danny Boyle, maker of the film Slumdog Millionaire, is evidently a committed Christian, the kind who is usually keen to advance the interests of his faith. The agenda of his Catholic Church is to convert Hindu India into a Christian enclave like the Republic of Korea , which is apparently what Slumdog Millionaire wishes to further by portraying the grimly violent nature of Hindus.

And of course the West and their lowly scum politicians (from Lord Morley and Lord Wavell to whippersnapper Miliband) have long used Islam as the battering ram with which to undermine Hindus.

This explains Boyle's espousal of the Teesta Setalvad version of the fate of Muslims in India in the film, also the excuse of Pakistanis terrorists for killing Hindus. I am glad Vikas Swarup made more than the standard thirty pieces of silver for selling India down the river since I remember him pretending to be a militant patriot when he was a diplomat in London . But, hey, the money, was too good to turn down and he got to become friends with the pucca, gora sahib and Hindu-baiter, extraordinaire William Dalrymple!

And of course the fierce evangelical NDTV and the execrable Barkha were all over Boyle earlier this evening.