Friday, February 20, 2009

paul courtright, idiot and bigot, weighs in on 'slumdog', as usual with vacuous banality and lack of insight

feb 20th, 2009

courtright is the jerk who wrote that ganesha's trunk is a phallus, for which of course he was lionized by the 'south-asianitis'-afflicted or communist indian sepoys in the us, such as FOIL. 

he displays his vast -- absolutely vast -- knowledge of india and hinduism here too by claiming that latika is a mohammedan. 

i guess he's not aware that the subtle point -- as in deepa mehta's 'fire' -- is that mohammedan males + hindu females is the correct pseudo-secular dispensation in india (and never vice versa). the hindu females are of course meant to convert and provide their wombs for creating more mohammedans. courtright needs to spend more time with angana and akhila, shabana and teesta.  

who makes people like courtright professors?

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