Monday, February 23, 2009

muzzammil hassan, the man who 'improved' the image of mohammedans in the US: Wife alive during beheading?

feb 23rd, 2009

he set up the TV station after 9/11 to "improve the image of mohammedans".

the honor killing is surely a case of unintended consequences: there is irony in a fellow who was looking to improve the brand seriously hurting their brand via a "honor killing".

and beheading is a typical mohammedan act of violence. remember daniel pearl? or the dutch filmmaker van gogh. and innumerable people in india, including the norwegian tourist christian ostroe, decapitated by "poor misunderstood kashmiris" 15 years ago. (he was among a group of whites kidnapped by jihadis in kashmir. the one american in the group mysteriously 'escaped'! the others were either decapitated or never found. i can't find a pointer on the web, except my old column with a little reference to it. )

CAIR seems to approve of hassan. and i'm sure they'll find high-powered lawyers to bail hassan out based on "multiculturalism"

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Date: Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 10:29 AM
Subject: Wife alive during beheading? -WorldNet Daily

Was Muslim wife alive during beheading?
By Chelsea Schilling
February 23, 2009
10:10 pm Eastern
Police revealed the decapitated wife of a Muslim TV network founder in New York was stabbed several times with hunting knives and may have been alive as her killer beheaded her – and, despite the brutal slaying, her husband will only face charges of second-degree murder.
As WND previously reported, Muzzammil Hassan, 44, who has been charged with beheading his wife, Aasiya Hassan, 37, was the recipient of an award from the controversial (CAIR)Council on American-Islamic Relations, the self-described Muslim civil rights group that boasts of its influence on U.S. government policy.

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witan said...

AR Rahman says he chose "love" over "hate". Did he?

An excerpt from ToI editorial on the "scumbag scars":
When music becomes the man “....A Hindu who converted to Islam after his family went through trying times, his music is inspired by a mysticism which stresses on the universality of divine love. As Rahman said in his speech, "I always had a choice between love and hate in my life. And I chose love, and I am here." ”
I leave it to you to guess what Rahman considers to be "love" and "hate". I have made my guess but I hate to reveal it.

Raja said...

I have exactly the same intepretation of his "love" vs. "hate" choice! I too don't want to be vocal. But his "God is Great"(Allahu Akbar), even if said in Tamil, means the same - the Semitic God.

From a person not acknowledging his mother country in his speech, one can't expect anything better!

M. Patil said...

My thoughts were exactly the same, he should be thankful for his Kafir fans who made him what hi is. But that is expecting too much!

As for his family background, his father was Hindu and mother Muslim. After his father died his mother reconverted to Islam.


nizhal yoddha said...

point of clarification. so far as i know, rahman was born a hindu named dileep. he was a student at loyola college, chennai. he used to come to the IIT madras and impress everybody with his electrifying keyboard work, i am told.

dileep had a sister who was sick, and he made a vow to some mohammedan mystic that if she were to recover, he and she would convert to mohammedanism. she did, and so they did convert. i think her new name is rehaina, but her son goes by the name prakash, so maybe he didn't convert.

horizon said...

From what I understand he said " Ella pughazhum iraivanuke" which loosely translated in English means all the glory goes to God. Not Allahu Akbar in Tamil.

Sameer said...

Yes Rajeev, even I too heard the same story and that is more popular of the stories.

He was not as rabid earlier, he sung Vandemataram... but yes lately he is seen to be becoming more rabid (maybe long association with bollywood lately).
Anyway, Scum Dog movie is all bullshit and as expected it won 'Oscars' and our media is going ga-ga over it.
He is beginning to show the typical behaviour.... Anti-hinduism.
Yes he chose religion of 'Love' (Oh its ROP, but ROL differs slightly from ROP), love of 28 young boys and 72 v's....

TambiDude said...

some corrections.

1. Rahman dropped out in school itself. What was he doing in Loyola.

2. His mother was not a born muslim. Her birth name was Kasturi.

TambiDude said...

To his defence I don't think ARR ever spoke anything against Hinduism. His brother-in-law is a hindu (his son G V Prakash is now a music director too). I think some of us are reading too much into his lines.

C'mon, he did convert of his own will. What's wrong with that? Have we started objected to that too.

nizhal yoddha said...

tambidude, rahman, so far as i know, went to loyola college. i don't know where you got your info that he dropped out.

and his father and mother and he himself and his sisters were all hindus. he converted, along with his sister.

who said there's something wrong with his converting? did any hindu impose a fatwa on rahman for converting? or threaten to cut his head off for apostasy? of course not.

but can hindus say that he shouldn't be party to anything that shows hinduism in a bad light, because he was a hindu and knows how hindus are? of course, if dileep had the freedom to convert, hindus (or anybody else) has the right to their opinion.

can some people say it was wrong for dileep to convert? yes, they have the right to that opinion too. for instance, if you are an atheist, you could laugh at the idea that praying to somebody would have caused the sister's illness to go away.

think before shooting your mouth off.

TambiDude said...

nizhal, that ARR dropped out of school is well documented in web sites. One quick search
"Music maestro AR Rahman dropped out of school in Class XI (father died, family problems, etc) but prodigious talent earned him a scholarship at Oxford University's Trinity College of Music from where he graduated in western classical music. Could Rahman have become such a genius without that degree? Who knows? We do know that Arundhati Roy failed to get a degree in architecture from the Delhi School of Architecture and still ended up becoming a genius."

"Infrequent attendance and an unaccommodative management forced him to shift schools from the prestigious Padma Seshadri Bal Bhavan to the Madras Christian College and finally he dropped out of school altogether."

witan said...

I wish to go back to My earlier post which has started this discussion about AR Rahman. Please read again the excerpt quoted from the ToI article. I wonder whether ToI deliberately put the two sentences together with mischievous intent to suggest a connection.
However, I saw that the some commenters in another blog, AR. Rahman’s choice between love and hate, also have the feeling that he might have been identifying Islam with Love and Hinduism with hate: they were not referring to the propinquitous sentences in the ToI article.
Is it possible and is it worthwhile to find out from Rahman himself what he meant by his “choice”?