Thursday, February 26, 2009

wsj: 'kerala model' is bunkum

feb 26th, 2009

well, nobel winner amartya sen-rothschild is proven wholly wrong. yet again. 

he should be asked to write on the blackboard 100 times: "kerala is just a money-order economy. and it is a cargo cult."

i feel bad for all these laid-off folks returning to kerala, but there is a silver lining: sky-high real-estate prices in kerala will collapse. those apartments being sold at rs. 4000/sq ft will have no takers.


nizhal yoddha said...

here's an interesting comment on this article. yes, this is why india needs a nehru-ectomy and needs to bring in modi. the writer is one gerard jacob, who might even be a kerala christist (from the wonders never cease category?):

A textbook example of how India - especially India's do-nothing, self-aggrandizing, peasant-baiting government - has squandered the free world's largest supply of human capital, in return for short-sighted gains. Is anyone surprised that Indians are little more than fodder for the Middle Eastern states, which have no respect for human liberty and the rule of law (real laws which respect humans and their dignity, not some perverse codification of religious "law")?

India - and Kerala - have a golden opportunity in this crisis, unexpected as it might be. No nation has more potential to leapfrog the rest of the world, IF someone can articulate and promote this vision. Seize the day, throw out the comatose political parties that are in power, and all the puppets they have placed in the present government and build the foundation for lasting prosperity, which as the world is discovering are based in HUMAN CAPITAL, tolerance and sound demographic growth. India, and especially Kerala, have this in abundance, but need to make the decision that self-sufficiency and long-term prosperity are more important than remittances and other temporary rewards connected to a brain drain.

Thankfully, India's social and legal history support this, but the sleeping giant known as the populace needs to be aroused to demand POLITICAL and ECONOMIC liberty, not just some jerry-rigged statement of rights and protest by a demigod politician. A real leader with vision might be in order to lead this movement.

Samsargin said...

Kerala Manpower Exporters Association