Thursday, February 26, 2009

What a Dork

Yes, it's come down to that word, as mercilessly repeated in a column by WaPo's Howard Kurtz:

... the D-word:

"Awful. He walked out like an earnest dork and has a weird inflection, trying to sound upbeat and sunny when it's clearly not his natural [meter]. It sounds false, and he looks false.

"I don't care how much of a star Jindal is, America doesn't elect somewhat-off dorks as president."

That really sums it up. Jindal is a dork.
That's probably why he converted - because of the dork's yearning need for social acceptance.
His cringe-inducing performance on national television only brought it into focus.
Shades of American Idol's Sanjaya fused with Mr Rogers:

Not since Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis took a ride on a tank, has an aspirant to national office made himself look so lame in a single appearance.


Pradeep said...

OT but

Who said Indians don't honor their 'heroes'

indian_indian said...

One cannot use comments in the Washington Post and the New York Times or anything said by leftist republicans like David Brooks to gauge whether Bobby Jindal was effective. I agree that Bobby has done everything possible (including turning Catholic) to fit in with Bubba -- but this attack is part of a plan by the leftist-liberal media in the US to destroy Jindal before he becomes a threat to Obama in 2012. Jindal is a true conservative and a star of the GOP -- and he is the person most likely to be able to successfully defeat Obama in 2012. The leftist US media's attack on him is similar to what the leftist media in India tries to do to Modi.

exosing christianity's true agenda said...

I am SOOOOOO happy that Jindal totally bombed his ONE chance. This guy is worse than an Uncle Tom or any Sepoy. Everything ever written by san about Jindal is 100% true - the moment he becomes President of the US he will order a nuclear strike against India to prove that he's not really Indian. Jindal reminds me of one of those small sniveling dhesis at the train stations in India who bow their heads and will do ANYTHING to kiss white ass---"yes baas; can I tayke yurr bagg baas?" "it wudd be my dishtinct honor to carry your boots and lick your memsahibs sweaty feet...".

Hopefully Sepoy Jindal has seen his last days as a politician. After his term is over what will Sepoy Jindal do? He's baptized now. Maybe he'll run for office in India as a resident non-Indian? As a christist he should be able to cruise right into the PM job.

nizhal yoddha said...

this is the Great Communicator 2.0? former rhodes scholar? what, there was a quota for brown converts? a disgrace to his genes. must be all that tub-thumping has rotted his brain.

but then let us remember that he used to do exorcisms as a college student. no kidding. look it up on google -- by his own admission, he exorcised the devil from some classmate of his.

jindal is up there in my pantheon of favorite nris, along with farid zakaria, angana chatterjee and biju mathew.

san said...

indian, just about every conservative aside from Rush Limbaugh has panned Jindal's speech as a disaster, which it was. This is self-evident:

The verdict from the FOX panel was unanimous. He sucked badly. This fellow is not an orator, especially in comparison to Obama.

exosing christianity's true agenda said...

Sepoy Jindal thought he played his cards very well. He planned his career as a teenager. He couldn't be a democrat because he figured that he was just another brown man. As a Republican, he knew that the GOP would be looking to "diversify" their appeal to other ethnic groups. Jindal WAS the GOP's hope - smart, a loyal and obedient puppet, and he could be the brown face of the right. Too bad for him...all that ass-kissing and groveling didn't amount to anything. Even his own rightist "supporters" are abandoning him.

This is great! All Sepoys deserve such an end.