Tuesday, February 10, 2009

pakistani PLUs worried about their own frankenstein creation

feb 10th, 2009

fear not, pakistanis. just take burqa dutt, arundhati susan roy, teesta setalvad and shabana azmi. they will soon fix the taliban. 

actually, it is the pakistani middle-classes who have funded and supported the taliban. so it's nice poetic irony that they are getting scared now. 

and the utter poetic justice in the limeys supplicating to these very same pakistani people-like-us to not attack them! and we have seen how former playboy and stud-who-bonked-many-rich-white-limey-girls imran khan is now one of these PLUs espousing extreme mohammedanism.

despite all the wah-wahing wagah-candle crowds, i believe that every pakistani is a terrorist or a terrorist-supporter. they cannot help it. the entire and only reason for the existence of their country is jihad.

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10/02/2009 URL: http://www.thehindu.com/2009/02/10/stories/2009021054801100.htm

The new normal in Pakistan

Rafia Zakaria

Lulled into catatonia by pervasive helplessness, Pakistanis can do little except deny that violence exists or stubbornly insist that even if it does, it means little.

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karyakarta92 said...

The shrill bosomy psec banshee, Renuka Chowdhary has been pretty effective with her Goebbelsian propaganda on the idiot box, ranting against the "Hindu Taliban". Perhaps, she could be traded to the Pakis to engage the actual Taliban in contact. That way, the cherished psec goals of "People to People contact" and "Cross border trade" will be achieved.

AGworld said...

> Entire and only reason for existence is Jihad

Well said!

Sameer said...

The banshee and her daughter 9some stupid page 3 shit) and other leftist women are talking about some 'pub bharo' gimmick on feb 14th and our p-sec media is giving all highlight, they also have some nonsense face-book account and are planning for sending pink-chaddis to Muthalik. (acc. to them chaddi refers to chaddi-wallah the degradory term for Right wong Hindus)
Muthalik responsed that he would send them a sari each.

Eternalsoul said...

The wretched media is hardly mentioning that the entire kidnap drama of the MLA's daughter was staged by CPM/DYFI goons. And people are heartily joining them in condemning the Hindu 'Taliban'. Most people in India dont bother to use their common sense and are gullible and easily misled.

kp11 said...

So what do Karyakarta and Sameer want, that Ram Sena should be as powerful as Taliban? You want India to be like Pakistan in terms of orthodoxy? Will you like to live in a Hindu equivalent of Paksitan? Where do you live now by the way? Cant understand your opinion really. Why doesnt Ram Sena show its bravado on hidebound Muslims? I am afraid with all your enthusiasm to foster Hindu unity, you will only end up alienating Hindus, calling them leftist and 'x'ist wont help. I fully support them.

Sameer said...

Sorry KP11, equating Hindu people with Muslim barbarians like Taliban shows that you fell for the media gimmick of rationalising the crimes of muslims and highlighting small anomolies of muslims (oops, they are not to be named... better to use 'A particular community').
My opinion? Well, my opinion is that these women who did not make a noise when Taslima Nasreen was attacked are coming out (led by one Nisha 'Susan') in such a cheap way. I wonder how many of these 'progressive' women talk about muslims women in burkhas. I also wonder what they actually did for the development of Women in India, other than go and visit pubs.
'end up alienating Hindus'? Why alienating? Have you read/heard the real opinion of Hindus (no, please do not go by the doctored 'opinion' of ELM or MSM)
The matter is not as plain as it seems.... Looks like you are new to this blog, suggest you read the earlier posts and comments and I tell you its very lengthy, but worth a read......

Sandy said...

I'm with KP11 on this one.
He's clearly one of those Hindus who ARE alienated, he's presenting his 'real opinion of HIndus".
Remove your head from the sand, sameer bhai

kp11 said...

I am not equating them, but I am definitely saying these groups are on the same track. Why stop with beating up women, why not cut off their heads? Who sets up the agenda what to do with women who go to pubs? Are they really working for Hindus, or are they working for anti-hindus to paint Hinduism as a lawless group of people? Dont forget they did it in full view of NDTV, the confirmed Hindu baiters, and did EXACTLY what NDTV would love them to. Am I to support these blockheads? What exactly is on their plan, no one knows. Do you know?

For me the issue is not what x, y or z person is saying on the media, so really I dont have any argument there

For me the issues are two

a) Dont intimidate Hindu women, and come back crying later they converted, no one loves to be thrashed, if the attacked women were cristians, the Ram Sen would be in hiding by now. It is only because the attacked women are hindus that they are sitting pretty, exuding confidence.

b) If one wants to protest, launch a massive compaign, dont behave like street rowdies,it smacks of severe cowardice, and if Muslims do that, it is also severe cowardice, but this is not a muslim country so I dont care what muslim groups do and what they dont do to their people. but since India is populated by Hindus, I really detest people who want to do lawlessness in our land.Kindly promote such lawlessness in USA. I am sure many pubing hindu women live there too.

And this opinion of real Hindus,I am very much talking about real hindus, looks like you are saying anyone who dislikes this atack is not a real hindu, so his opinion does not matter by defnition, but then if this is the way we define real hindus, their population will decrease,hwile the ones with hindu names and no hindu sympathies only will increase, while we grit our teeth in angry blogs. Lets be a little 'media savvy' here.