Friday, February 27, 2009

how limey appeasing of mohammedans failed to produce any results; so they are trying plans b and c

feb 27th, 2009

this was plan a. it didn't work.

hence plan b: get failed christist priest danny boyle to create a film that can be directly used as fodder in jihadi indoctrination camps because of its fiction about mohammedans being oppressed by hindus. this, limeys hope, will get mohammedans to concentrate on killing hindus, not their precious limey asses.

plan c: go on pakistani tv and beg pakistanis to not kill limeys. (hint, hint: kill hindus. miliband articulated this clearly).

in reverse, this is exactly why george bush did us all an enormous -- inadvertent -- favor. by attacking iraq and afghanistan, he diverted mohammedan jihadi attention towards the US (and its poodle britain) and away to some extent from india. 

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