Friday, February 27, 2009

californication: this is hilarious

feb 27th, 2009

bloody atlanticists are worried about a few californians in power.

they don't recognize that practically the entire obama cabinet, with few exceptions, is from the new england and mid-atlantic states -- typical atlanticist types. power is decidedly in the hands of ye olde east coast types, with a couple of token chicago types. all these harvard and  yale types, as i was complaining some time ago. ye olde hoover institution is biding its time till the east-coasters screw up.

if waxman et al get some green stuff going, that would be good for the silicon valley, and for the planet. 

glad the bubbas are down, even though a lot of californians (especially southern californians) live in la-la-land and are bimbos. 

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