Tuesday, February 10, 2009

latest limey exploit in "war on terror": begging pakistanis to not attack them

feb 10th, 2009

talk of genuflection!

when did limeys get to be such wimps? 

it must be the news that mohammedans are out-breeding whites by a factor of 10 that's driving this. 

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Time to beg?


Don't attack us please, UK ads to say on Pak TV


The British government will air ads on Pakistani television urging terrorists to not attack Britain.


Prominent British Muslims will star in the British Foreign Office-funded £400,000 (approximately Rs 2.9 crore)-campaign that is set to break on Pakistani television next Monday, 'The Guardian' reported on Tuesday.

The three-month public relations offensive, called 'I Am the West', will also include high-profile events in regions such as Peshawar and Mirpur, 'The Guardian' said. Seven in ten British Pakistanis are Mirpuris.


According to 'The Guardian', the first three ads in the project will feature British Communities Minister Sadiq Khan, UK manager of Islamic Relief Jehangir Malik, former England Under-19 captain and promising Worcestershire allrounder Moeen Ali, and the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Chaudry Abdul Rashid, a Mirpuri.

The campaign, the paper said, will be targeted at '15-25-year-old males who are less than well-educated and worldly wise, but potentially susceptible to extremist doctrines'. Nine 30-second commercials, supported by ads on radio, will be aired on PTV, Geo TV and Khyber among other channels. If the Pakistani campaign is successful, it will be extended in Egypt, Yemen and Indonesia.


The central theme of the campaign, 'The Guardian' said, "is to assert that there is no contradiction in being a Muslim and being British." It has four key aims, the daily reported: 'to ensure Pakistanis realise the west is not anti-Islamic, that British society is not anti-Islam, to demonstrate the extent to which Muslims are integrated into British society and to stimulate and facilitate constructive debate on the compatibility of liberal and Muslim values'.





blogger said...


UK doesn't need to go all the way to Pakistan to please the terrorists, they need to look in their own back yards. Check out this, http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/video/20060203LondonProtest.wmv

In the video above these people (even small kids) are openly supporting Osama in their hate speeches outside Danish Embassy in London.

Raja said...

One of the reasons why Danny Boyle produced that abominable movie on Hindus and employed mainly moslems in the movie. And the West is too eager to please moslems is evident in this 3rd rated movie getting all the possible awards on earth!

J said...

The Limeys under Chamberlain created a Munich in 1938 and appeassed Hitler and now they are repeating the same mistake by appeasing the Pakiz.
They don't realize what kind of danger they are in, by allowing Mullah's in their parliament.
Britain will pay a price for this myopic vision of theirs.

Dosabandit said...

Miliband's dhimmi brain behind this.

RM said...

The real message is "Please dont attack us, if you desperately want some infidel blood, go to your neighbouring country."

This whole exercise proves that Pakistan is not a soverign coutry anymore, so stop treating it as one Brits.
And dont campaign for Mumbai terror culprits to be prosecuted in Pakistan.