Thursday, February 12, 2009

what the average pakistani believes: he is saving mohammedanism from some hindu-zionist plot

feb 12th, 2009

the average pakistani is a total jihadi, even though he might wear an armani suit. these are the people who create the terrorists attacking india all the time. 

see what they believe. and this is why civilian governments in pakistan are usually worse than military governments. the latter, despite having spawned the taliban, do indulge in occasional rational thinking. the average civilian doesn't. his brain has rotted.


Sudhir said...


Check this out. Same story but when media portrays it to the public how it contributes to shape public opinion to suit its ideology

(Indian Express Report)

(Times of India Report)

Dosabandit said...

Wow! A "think tank" came up with this Hindu Zionist baloney? So the jihadi education has helped.