Friday, February 13, 2009

next time nadiya suleyman wants more kids, here's a better idea

feb 13th, 2009

send her to india to worship at a shiva temple.

nadiya suleyman is the ukrainian-iraqi-origin female in the US with 6 kids who gave birth to octuplets, i imagine at taxpayer expense.

cheaper, yo yank taxpayers, to ship her out to india and have her convert to hinduism. one less mohammedan baby factory, 14 fewer little to-be-jihadis.


socal said...

Apparently she's a christist, and not a muslim.

Sudhir said...


“Five men, arrested in connection with the abduction of the daughter of a Kerala [Images] Member of Legislative Assembly in Mangalore last week, were granted bail by a local court on Friday.

However, their lawyer claims that the accused will remain in lock-up till the Kerala government assures them about their security.”