Tuesday, February 17, 2009

khmer rouge war crime trial begins

feb 17th, 2009

i have been, as i have said here before, to the tuol sleng prison (aka public school 21) which duch presided over. entire walls are covered with photos of victims, methodically taken by the khmer rouge communists, just after they had 'confessed' to anti-revolutionary activities and before they were taken out to the killing fields, where they dug their graves, and were dispatched with a single blow to the back of the head with a shovel (so as not to waste bullets).

the epitome of the semitic inhumanity to mankind. i think it's a close call as to who (communists, christists, or mohammedans, ie red, white or green) have killed more people. the christists probably win, followed by mohammedans, and with the communists trying manfully to overtake their semitic bruthas.

it is telling that this man has converted to christism. there's practically no difference between communism and christism.



in addition to communism = christism, it is easy for genocidal maniacs to become christists. the christist vanity of 'confession' and 'forgiveness' is a moral hazard -- even the worst sinners are encouraged to commit their crimes, secure in the idiotic belief that their sins will either a) be washed away by 'confession', or b) 'forgiven'. so they sin for six days of the week and then 'confess' on the seventh and then go back and commit their sins all over again next week. such a convenient religion for all mass murderers and sociopaths!

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