Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rahul's Geography Skills

Always capable of proving he has brains to match the rest of the Nehru-Gandhi royal line, young Prince Rahul shows off his tremendous geographical knowledge of India. Once President Jindal and Prime Minister Rahul are elected in their respective countries (estranged from them though they may be),we can look forward to the first Indo-US summit between them as becoming a true meeting of the minds. Jindal guru can instruct on the lessons learned from failed governance during Katrina (by his party), while Rahul baba can share lessons on failed governance during terrorist attacks (by his party). Both being Roman Catholics, they can hold a joint confessional, to give each other absolution, in holier-than-thou style.

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blogger said...

What a Pendejo!

Please read my views on the 14th lok sabha, the worst lok sabha ever.