Tuesday, February 17, 2009

UPA drops its pants and bends over for the Jihadis in Porkistan

feb 17th, 2009

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17 Feb 2009


Militants loyal to Maulana Fazlullah kidnapped Chinese engineer, Long Xiaowei Khal town of Lower Dir district on August 29, in the Dir region.


Cash strapped Jihadistan Government could not get funding with out strings attached from U.S Government. Then they went to their "all weather friend" China which promptly rebuffed them.


Chastened by the experience the Jihadistan Government then went to the hated "White Christian" IMF for a loan. There they found to their horror most trusted and friendly countries like Saudi Arabia, China and UAE kept their mum and did not bother to utter even one word in its favour.


The shameless, treacherous, traitorous, eunuch dispensation going by the name and style of UPA dropped its pants and bent over. Its representative vehemently supported Pakis at the meeting of the International Monetary Fund in which the fund approved 7.60 billion Dollars bail-out package.


To secure China's support, Jihadistan Government released eight Taliban prisoners in order to secure the release of Long Xiaowei. Long was released from captivity on Saturday. China, which earlier rebuffed Pakistan's request for financial support, is now keen on extending assistance to help cash strapped Jihadistan to recover from its economic woes.


China has a government that acts in China's national self interest. When will have a government that acts in our national self interest? Only when we show some sense and vote for a nationalist government.

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