Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brutal fascism on display in "Rational,Progressive" Tamil Nadu

Shri. Subramaniam Swamy was physically assaulted by "Dravidian" neanderthal thugs inside court premises. This is clearly intended as an intimidatory tactic to browbeat an individual who has been outspoken in defense of Hindu causes during the dark days of the fascist UPA at the centre and the Stalinist, racist secessionists in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Where is the shrill banshee Renuka Chowdhary now? Where are all the
professional agitators for "Human rights", "Rationalism", "Freedom of Speech", "Democracy" etc - when these principles are actually violated with impunity? Do the adherents of the "Dravidian" death cult have a license to indulge in hate speech and physical assault directed at nationalistic forces?

The attack on Subramanium Swamy is likely a precursor to an all out holocaust against Hindus in Tamil Nadu, the much demonised Brahmins in particular.

Will any "warnings" or "directives" be issued to the fascist regime of Tamil Nadu under Article 355 now - when there is a transparent breakdown in law and order, indeed a threat to national unity and territorial integrity?
Will Renuka Chowdhary approach the Election Commission to disenfranchise the enablers of "Tamil Ealam" terrorism on Indian soil? Will Nandita Das produce a movie cataloguing the contours of "Dravidian" genocide against Hindus?
Don't hold your breath...

"Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy was assaulted by a group of lawyers in a courtroom at the Madras High Court on Tuesday. The incident happened between 11.45 am and 12.05 pm in the court of Justice PK Mishra and Justice K Chandru, during the hearing of a case filed by Dikshithars of Chidambaram Natarajan Temple challenging a single judge order allowing the Government to take over the temple administration. Swamy was present in the court to plead himself. Shouting pro-LTTE slogans, the advocates manhandled Swamy.

The agitated lawyers shouted, “get out you Brahmin dog”, “you LTTE-hater”. They hurled rotten eggs at Swamy, soiling his clothes and beating him on the right side of his neck.

Swamy was waiting for his case to come up in the courtroom when the attack took place. Even as he enjoys Z-category security, his security personnel were not allowed inside the courtroom as per rules."


blogger said...

This is bad. This is insane. Where is Article 355 and shouts of talibanisation now? I hope Dr. Swamy is OK. I can't believe this is happening. FU Karunanidhi. Pathetic looser!

siva said...

Replace Tamilnadu with DMK thugs in the headline... Tamils have nothing to with the incident.

Sameer said...

Cant these 'liars' be brought to book? Was it caught on camera?
Attacking a Z-category person is not a joke, for that matter attacking anyone is not lawful.

Sameer said...
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M. Patil said...

It appears like TN has been over run by Dravidian thugs. If there is fascism it is in the States and Centre run by Congress, Commies and Dravidians.


karyakarta92 said...

Didn't the assault perpetrated by the DMK thugs occur in the state of Tamil Nadu? Does the state of Tamil Nadu have a "democratically elected" regime of fascist DMK thugs? Sure, this in no way implies that all Tamils are fascists or Stalinists. But, can it be denied that Fascism and Stalinism exists in that state, courtesy the "Dravidian" thugs?
In fact, aren't the Tamil (Hindu) people the greatest victims of the "Dravidian" death cult and the atrocities committed by it's brainwashed/braindead adherents?
The Hindu Tamils are in urgent need of deliverance from the suffocating ubiquity of "Dravidian" totalitarianism.

Varun said...

Well, one of the attackers has been arrested, and his name is said to be Immanuel.

The attackers are not DMK thugs, but those loyal to Church of South India.
BTW, Father Jegath Raj, has announced a massive rally on Feb 22 called 'Indians Against Genocide' in Chennai.
For those who care to read between lines, LTTE's sympathisers are Church and their affiliates. Dravidian parties, owe big time to Church, from Robert Caldwell without whose help they could not have found anti-brahminism and anti-hinduism . Entire generation fo dravidian politicians owe a lot to Church. That is why, they resort to fasts, human chains, and fiery speeches.

Of course, a few are also lobbyists for Prabakaran. Tomorrow, Praba will ask, 'hey guys I paid you so much, what did you do for me?' Then these guys will reply, 'dude, we burnt a few buses, went on fast and bashed Subramaniam Swamy. What more you want us to do?"