Thursday, February 26, 2009

Communal tension in Rourkela: Hundreds of Christist fascists attack, 11 arrested

feb 26th, 2009

hindus have no right to set up temples in india. 

but christists can build churches wherever they want. they try to build them often as close to temples as possible, so as to waylay the hindu faithful. and they paint crosses and plant them everywhere on public land, and then claim them as christist lands. 

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Communal tension in Rourkela,+Panposh+SDPO+GC+Tripathy
26 Feb 2009

ROURKELA: Members of Christian community in Kukuda village near
Lanjiberna in Rajgangpur assembly constituency protested the move to
set up a temple in the village.

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Prashant said...

Yes only Xian maggots have been ordained to create churches and plant crosses everywhere. These retards are getting ont eh nerves now. Please note that the retards are growing exponentially in numbers. In AP the xian morons were 1% of the population. Today and note this is media which reported this, they stand at 19%. When i read this in the morning, all i could not help but think of similarity between cancerous cells and a scavenging xian scum. Both eat you away silently.

Another questions to our hindu brothers. What is wrong with you south indians? You guys are ready to convert at drop of a hat. Have you guys got no pride left or what? Kerala,TN, now AP aand then Karnataka. What is wrong with the whole bunch of you? Now before you start rants about North and South and go on defensive, please try and answer the question. I am from North and always thought South Indians were closer to their culture but its seems to whack me right in the face.