Saturday, February 28, 2009

christist charlatan beats hindu to death and cremates him on the sly in the kerala

feb 28th, 2009

one thomas, the director of the "mary's holy compassion love ashram" (i kid you not) at kidangoor near kottayam, kerala, has been arrested on charges of murdering a mentally disturbed man who was under his care, and then cremating him in a public crematorium.

cremation -- all the better so that no body can be exhumed or post-mortemed. this is the favorite way for christists to get rid of hindus whom they have killed. there was the case of the hindu girl who was robbed, raped, murdered, and cremated at the "potta divine meditation center" near cochin a year or two ago. this is according to testimony by her (christist) roommate who saw all this. 

apparently venugopal had been an inmate of the "ashram" [sic] for four years. he was mentally disturbed. on oct 15th, he quarreled with the employees of the center. whereupon thomas assaulted venugopal and beat him up. when he fell down under the assault, he hit his head against a table and was rendered unconscious. thomas then gave him two heavy duty pills and imprisoned him in a cell. later, thomas and his wife gita (interesting: a converted hindu?) took venugopal away, allegedly to the mental hospital in trivandrum. venugopal was never seen again. thomas claimed he ran away from the car while he was being taken to trivandrum.

police have discovered that venugopal died as a result of the assault and the pills. thomas and gita apparently took him straight to the crematorium in trivandrum, claiming the person was an orphan and that they ran an orphanage. 

the christist taliban in action once again. 

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