Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stratfor: India's Dream Fading Fast

George Friedman of Stratfor gave a recent podcast interview, entitled "India's Dream Fading Fast".
Well, the latest reduction in growth due to global downturn may not yet be a damning indictment of India's trajectory, but it's worth considering why India's growth hasn't been longterm, sustained or even broadly spread across the country.


Anonymous said...

I would not pay much attention to his "research". It does not appear that this guy has done his study properly. He starts off saying that India is an artificial creation: implying he dislikes India. Why then would he have anything good to say about India.
Some of his "predictions are laughable.

1 Islamic extremism will fade away. -->How I do not know

2. US will make Saudi Arabia irrevelant by launching solar panels into space.

-->I did not know enough money for such projects will exist after all the US banks are nationalized and national debt paid off.

3. The US will be challenged by newer powers such as poland, turkey and Mexico.
-->This is so hilarious. Like people in France claiming the next superpower will be some country in europe. Any country in a position to challenge the US in economic might must first have a large population, that is growing with favourable demographics. I dont see how poland, mexico or turkey will fit here.

I think its time to put this joker on IGNORE!!!!

Anonymous said...


instead of attacking George Friedman why don't you see the problem. About 2 yrs ago we were told that india would be least affected by any global downturn because majority of our GDB is domestic consumption based. That clearly turned out to be incorrect.

At this time I would take any india boosting prediction with a handful of the needful.

Harish said...

India's dream for superpowerdom was always just that.. a DREAM...

An ineffectual government, disenchanted and may i say 'useless' majority community that cannot defend its interests does not DESERVE to be a superpower...

Lets do what we do best ..dwell in our past greatness, screw up our present and hope for future greatness..while voting for anti nationals to everything from panchayat to central governments...and turning our back on everything that makes us bettter than most..

We dont deserve to be a we?

Anonymous said...

We dont really deserve to be a superpower with people like mulayam, laloo yadav, mayawati etc looting India. But all is not bad.

I welcome criticism of Indians from within India. But when I see it coming from outside, I cannot tolerate it. Particularly if the person making the judgement has some prejudices about India.

Indias biggest weakness is Islam.

In my world view, India becomes a superpower only after the fall of Islam. Islamic fundamentalism is a global problem, and not a local problem. It has to be treated as a global issue. Either the entire world converts to Islam, or no muslim will remain on earth. The world leaders must have acted to accelerate this logical conclusion. The fact that they are not cared about it will not make the problem go away. In time, there will be a need to bomb mecca and rid the muslims of their faith towards a hate filled ideology.

We have to patiently wait till the time comes IMHO.