Friday, February 13, 2009

How the UPA devalues democracy

feb 13th, 2009

why should this be surprising? what democracy? there is no democracy in india. the kkkangress is a royalist party, whose main pre-occupation is the continuance of the nehru dynasty.

india must be the only christist/communist monarchy in the world.

let's see, there are a clutch of christist monarchies, there are a bunch of mohammedan monarchies, the only hindu monarchy in the world, nepal, has been overthrown by the chinese, and there is one buddhist monarchy in thailand.

and, unbeknownst to all, india has become the only christist/communist monarchy in the world. the communists had better watch out, because the christists only think of them as 'useful idiots'. 

let us see: practising christist rulers include --

vincent george
ambika soni
arvind sharma
arjun singh (via 'injection' from his wife)
a k antony
y samuel reddy

several others are crypto including --
naveen chawla

and fellow-travelers include --
m karunanidhi

they don't need the communists at the moment (until the elections). but their monarchists include:

fat bengali communist speaker (i can't remember the bugger's name but he will do everything possible to keep the monarchists in power)
sitaram yechuri
prakash karat

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How the UPA devalues democracy

M R Venkatesh | February 13, 2009 | 15:16 IST

In a remarkable string of coincidences over the past fortnight or so, the United Progressive Alliance government has successfully and repeatedly denigrated our democratic institutions. Naturally, if the silence of our intellectuals on this issue has left me intrigued, the response by the opposition parties to the same has left me completely flummoxed.

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