Wednesday, February 18, 2009

high court bans book; judge crticises author, to be jailed

just kidding for now - but this is the fate that will surely befall Sister Jesme and her new book.

", she talks of priets forcing novices to have relations with them and the closet homosexuality within nun ranks,"

"Later, when they were in his room, she writes, he stripped and made her do the same."

surprised she has not been thrown into a well after being duly struck on the head with an axe.

She must have been discreet while stumbling upon three-some bonking involving 'father' vampires - unlike poor sister Abhaya. there are may vampires in this christist sex cult - like that blighter who adopted a 26 year old; him full of spiritual refreshment - or the one who dreams of saving us through a 'rod'

no one screaming christian taliban though - can't be upsetting Madam Eminence no?


blogger said...

Spineless Sardar and his cabinet of minorities will not loose sleep on this news, Christian Terror: Hindu Temples set on fire in Silchar

Ashish said... sophisticated secular macaulayputra is ever going to dream of starting a "present priests with pink panties" campaign. That would be downright un-secular, backward, communal, insensitive, and, most importantly, uncool with the clueless "in-crowd".

Plus, the One True Religion is involved. I mean, one of the One True Religions is involved. Man, that was confusing! But you know, I am saffron onlee..English is not my phirst language. Grammar never was my strong suit (since I have always worn dhotis onlee).