Sunday, February 08, 2009

democrats bring in protectionism, step 1

feb 08, 2009

to all the h1-b indians in the us who supported democrats and obama, i guess these are their just desserts.

i guess we could call it the 'kalidasa syndrome', that is, sawing away at the branch that you sit on.

democrats love nothing better than 'fair trade', a euphemism for 'trade barriers' and 'subsidies for white people'.

and bernie sanders has always been an entertaining communist-wannabe. i remember him ranting in his vermont mayor days, when i was a resident of cambridge, ma.

however, to be honest, i think this time the yanks are indeed up shit creek without a paddle, so can't blame them for becoming protectionist. they will soon start getting racist too, unfortunately. i still remember vividly some poor chinese blokes being beaten to death with baseball bats by red-blooded rednecks who mistook them for japanese and thus a symbol of toyota -- this i think took place in detroit.

advice to the h1-b guys: look around in india. maybe go to business school to sit out the recession for a couple of years. there will be jobs in india in 2011-12.

of course, this is just the first trick in the democrats' arsenal of tricks. there will be plenty more. can't wait, can we?


TambiDude said...

Nizhal, what is wrong in this. US economy is in a bad shape and they are taking action to protect their economy.
Every country takes action in self interest.

san said...

No problem, the Indian H1-B workers can go elsewhere, as well as working in India, where they can benefit the local Indian economy.

Sakthi said...

I dont think this is applicable to all the H1Bs only those companies who got the bail out money, there are so many companies in US where half the workers are H1B Contractors, so we cannot say anything finalised or conclusion like Rajeev has written now. wait and see. as they say.. Let us cross our hands and wait.

karyakarta92 said...

Well, I can attest to a surge in
the undercurrent of resentment against relatively affluent foreigners - that always exists in America even in the best of economic times. Their problems are caused in large measure by government spending on non-taxpaying illegal immigrants from South America. However, since the Latinos constitute a politically powerful ethnic block, the resentment is vented against Indian technology professionals.
On the other hand, this is not yet a termination of all H1B's - not even a blanket ban on all future H1B's - rather some restrictions on hiring H1B's by companies receiving TARP funds. It must be remembered that America fleeces
Indian H1B workers to the rune of
$1 billion annually in non-refundable Social security & Medicare taxes. And, it might be American businesses that end up losing in terms of attracting good talent. That said, it must be admitted that the "educational filter" had grown rather lax in the US immigration system of late.
Any Indian H1N workers laid off as a result of American protectionism must collectively sue the Indian UPA dhimmis for their failure to
negotiate a "totalization agreement" with the USA for the past 5 years - to ensure a refund of S.S & Medicare taxes.
The "SECULAR" government is also
liable for upto 2 years of unemployment benefits for all laid off Indian H1B's - that money ought to be recovered from the Haj subsidy, christist Haj subsidy and "relief" to the two Pakistans. Failing to provide this relief should be punished by a thrashing the UPA thugs.

karyakarta92 said...

What kind of idiocy is this? If these companies are screwed to the extent that they need gift bailouts, would they be hiring people right now?