Friday, February 13, 2009

pakistan: a chinese puppet

feb 13th, 2009

the yanks seem to have trouble understanding that pakistan is playing a double-agent game. they are chinese agents whom the yanks prop up. but their interests are aligned far more with chinese interests (witness how the mohammedan bruthas in xinjiang are wasted by the chinese with not a peep from pakistan) than with american interests. in a way, the yanks are funding the growth of chinese power, or at least of the sino-mohammedan axis.

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Obama's Litmus Test

Dr AQ Khan's release requires decisive action no matter whose feelings get hurt in Beijing or in Islamabad. The prospect of a future nuclear terrorist strike in India or the US is a real nightmare.
Rajinder Puri

Pakistan is a failed state artificially propped up by big powers. Its economy has collapsed. If the foreign aid tap is turned off it could be brought to its knees within days. It is the acknowledged hub of global terrorism hosting training camps for terrorists. Its civilian government is impotent. Its army and secret service are openly colluding with international terrorism. Its public, fed on chauvinistic Islamic slogans, is in a state of perpetual denial. Its nuclear proliferation record and links to global terrorism render it a threat to world peace. It confronts decades old insurgency and separatism in Baluchistan. It has lost authority in its NWFP province.

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