Friday, February 13, 2009

yet another obama appointee bites the dust

feb 13th, 2009

rather a tough honeymoon, eh, when a whole bunch of your appointees get shot down on ethics violations (or decide to withdraw mysteriously), and your big stimulus bill is panned even by your big supporters in the american atlanticist, such as david brooks and paul krugman?

and here comes a pretty scary doomsday scenario about the great depression and its analogies with today:

apparently written by an ismaili pakistani-origin hedge-fund manager (are ismailis considered 'real' mohammedans?)


TambiDude said...

Ismailis are not considered real muslims. They are quite easily the most educated muslim community, treat women with respect. They are quite secular about other religions.
I may be wrong, but they can't even go for Haj.

san said...

Nah, I remember an Ismaili guy telling me about his Haj trip, so they must be able to go for Haj. It's Ahmadis who can't go for Haj.

Ghost Writer said...

Ismailis are not considered real Muslims by the Shia - who in turn are considered heretics by the Sunni.

but I think ismailis are not as low on the faith totem pole as the Ahmedia's - because Ahmed had announced himself prophet, which is sacrileges because the last prophet was the Arab who married never mind!