Sunday, February 08, 2009

what pandering to mohammedans in kerala has achieved

feb 8th, 2009

they have just become jihadis. some go to j&k to kill indian soldiers, others go around the country killing people, mostly hindus.

nice work, communists (who created malappuram district to make it a mohammedan-majority district), kkkangress, pseudo-secular media etc.

the same policy of appeasement caused the massacre of hindus in maraad too, by a bunch of mohammedans who came in by boat and attacked unarmed, random hindus (sound familiar? like mumbai?)


blogger said...

Congratulations to all Bharatvaasi and Anti Terrorist Cell (ATC) for solving the case. Nine terrorists have been arrested. Hey you, Anti-Hindu media, do I hear the word "Muslim terrorists", "Islamic terrorism"? Do I see an image with 786 or Quran on it? F**king Anti-Hindu nonsecular communal bigots.

karyakarta92 said...

Another achievement of Kerala appeasing MOPLAH BUTCHERS is their bold foray into Karnataka, evidenced in Mangalore Jihadi Romeos and rampant rioting - this is a direct consequence of the idiot Nehru's decision to award Kasargod & neighbouring Kannada areas to Kerala under the "linguistuic reorganisation of states"

blogger said...

Protest over skier intensifies in J&K
Angry crowds blocked the main road to Gulmarg on Sunday as massive protests continued to rock the north Kashmir resort town and adjoining areas, a day after police detained a Swedish skier for hurting Muslim religious sentiments.

Hindu youth brutally murdered for marrying Muslim girl
A kangaroo court brutally "punished" one Sailendra Prasad at his in-law's village Lakshmanpur in Berhampore as he married Manera Bibi. The judges of a self-proclaimed village court never agreed to their inter-religion marriage.

My take>>>>>>Welcome to Incredible India! Where in this supposed Democratic Non-Islamic Secular country people are deported for putting Quranic verse on a ski, women are beaten black-and-blue by the real Muslim Taliban in a Mumbai mall for putting a Quranic verse tattoo on their body, women guests like Tasleema Nasreen are beaten and given death threats by Muslim extremists led by an elected Muslim MP for writing about Hindu Genocide in Bangladesh but Anti-Hindu bigots like MF Hussain are felicitated for drawing only Hindu Gods, Goddesses, Bharat Mata (Mother Nation depicted as powerful woman) as naked. Where the Police is more worried about.....It doesn't seem like the same country where our great Vedic Rishis (seers) had set one of the million principles of Sanatan Vedic Dharm.....

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