Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mexico Collapsing

Strange - violence in Mexico is now spiraling out of control, to the point where experts are saying that the country's collapse is imminent. I wonder how the US would manage such a situation occurring on its southern border. It's huge size and population could pose a grave danger.

Is Mexico then becoming another Pakistan? Another failing state?

Given the US history of intimate familiarity with the Mexican security apparatus, I hope they don't ultimately wind up falling back on Predator drone strikes, while the Mexican govt signs peace treaties with drug cartels, to restore peace in "Mexico's Switzerland" :P


Itsdifferent said...

There are few other aspects to this story.
1. Guys (druglords) have been buying arms and ammunitions in Gun Shows in the US and smuggling it across the border. In every raid and fight, US and Mexican forces are finding that 95% of such arms had come from such shows.
2. These drug wars have spilled well into US cities on the borders all the way to LA in CA.
3. There had been a steep decline in US remittance to Mexico (Kerala?) leading to a deterioration of living conditions inside Mexico.

Dia said...

I am wondering where you got your information that 95% of guns smuggled into Mexico are from gun shows. I live on the border and that is not at all what we are hearing.