Saturday, February 28, 2009

the new great white hope of the yanks: mr. 10%

feb 28th, 2009

until just the other day, musharraf was the irreplaceable ally, without whom the place would -- horrors -- be fundamentalized. the fact that musharraf was chief fundamentalist himself seems to have escaped the yanks. nowt that he's gone, zardari is the new irreplaceable ally.

the yanks will never learn. or, more likely, they are deliberately hiding their heads in the sand, perpetrating the fictions that

a) pakistan is an actual country, not a state that has ceased to exist

b) it is an 'ally' in the war on terror, rather than the perpetrator of almost all mohammedan terror

c) if you thrown more money at pakistan (ie. the ISI, aka the taliban), it will miraculously do anything other than kill indians in more imaginative ways

d) the aqkhan nuclear wal-mart and chinese active participation in proliferation through that, and CIA connivance in it, don't matter

e) the CIA is smarter than the pakistanis in running with the hares and hunting with the hounds.

sorry, all these are pure fantasies.

yank motives in keeping these alive are obscure. i am inclined to think this is related to the "international condom" theory (courtesy: tariq ali, a pakistani briton) of how the us uses pakistan and then tosses it in the trash.

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