Sunday, February 15, 2009

elm blames victim (hindu) who was seduced (raped?) by mohammedan

feb 14th, 2009

but of course mohammedans are by definition victims, never victimizers.

i think since the girl was underage, this would be considered statutory rape.

but of course, all the media can think of is: blame the bajrang dal.

this is like, when a mosquito bit john dayal, he called a press conference saying he knew it was a BJP mosquito. but when a christist boy who married a mohammedan girl was beheaded in bangalore two years ago, john dayal (and his mosquito) were extremely quiet. so was the deccan herald.

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From: Chris

Hi Rajeev,

See the distortion in the headline and the body of the story. And this bilge was on the front page!

Apparently Bajrang Dal persons tried to prevent a 15 year old girl being lured away by an adherent of the ROP and complained to the police. The girl's parents took her away and later she committed suicide. Parents blame the Muslim but the paper Deccan Herald, blames the Bajrang Dal. What's with these dhimmi papers anyway. Guess it all means that the money for these rags is coming from dubious sources!


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