Saturday, February 28, 2009

malay mohammedans brutalize hindus some more

feb 28th, 2009

undoubtedly, manmohan singh is sleeeping peacefully, no loss of sleep experienced by him at all.

and india allows malaysia to run its tourist campaign: "malaysia, truly asia" to attract affluent indians. and allows malay firms to bid on all sorts of indian contracts. and buys malay palm oil.

the right slogan should be "malaysia: truly semitic". or "malayasia: truly bigoted".

amazing, what a mere 60% majority of mohammedans can do to all non-mohammedans. and secondly, when the malays were poor, they were far more liberal and accommodating. now that they have prospered, they have become serious religious bigots.

also, i find it ironic that kerala mohammedans who have gone to malaysia claim they are malays, and have nothing to do with the hindus. see, we wear burqas and the indians wear saris. so we have nothing to do with them. also, arch-bigot mahathir mohammed had a kerala mohammedan mother, and so he was particularly hard on indians. just like zulfiqar bhutto, whose mother was a hindu convert. 

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