Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"south asian" cuts off wife's head: U.S. mohammedan TV network founder "corrects" errant woman

feb 17th, 2009

the tender mercies of the rop towards women.

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U.S. Muslim TV network founder charged with beheading wife



1. these people are pakistanis

2. the guy migrated to the US in 1979 at the age of 13. so he must belong to one of pakistan's affluent families. in other words, he's PLU (people like us) for the indian bleeting/bleeding-heart-liberals

3. he already had gone through two wives, and this woman was his third. he had 2 children with her, in addition to several others with his other wives. so he was definitely demonstrating the technique of using wives as baby factories

4. he started the TV program to show the positive side of mohammedanism. and lo, he has succeeded! yhwh works in mysterious ways. the good part, apparently, is that you can abuse your females as much as you want

5. at a point when sharia is being imposed on parts of pakistan, this shows graphically what it really means

6. the guy was incensed because the woman was divorcing him. what a no-no to a macho pakistani. how dare a mere woman, a mohammedan woman 1/4th as him, dare divorce him?

7. the CAIR types will now bleat that this has nothing to do with mohammedanism. on the contrary, it has everything to do with mohammedanism. a non-mohammedan husband would have meekly obeyed the court order to vacate the premises and pay alimony and child support. this is a typical 'honor killing' beloved in mohammedan culture

8. where are shabana azmi, deepa mehta, teesta setalvad, danny boyle, angana chatterji, nandita das, et al? all those who speak of the wonders of being a mohammedan woman?

9. why isn't this characterized as "south asian" beheads wife?

10. i am reminded of jack nicholson in 'the shining' wanting to "correct" his wife.

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