Tuesday, February 10, 2009

RSS to Sell Cow Urine Cola

Having convinced themselves of the profitability of this idea, Rashtriya Swaywamsevak Sangh plans to market a new soft drink which uses cow urine as its base. Thank goodness the RSS is around to pull Hindus forward, lest they otherwise be subjected to ridicule and stereotyping.


socal said...

Sure why not! Didn't Mao say, let hundred ideas bloom or something like that.

karyakarta92 said...

Anything stated in the Indian tabloid media needs to be taken with a tablespoon of urine. We've had a former Prime Minister who practised urine therapy, human that is.
According to many accounts, he was inspired by Gandhi's personal example. Astronauts on the US space shuttle have been consuming recycled human urine - in vogue at Schipol airport, Amsterdam. Vegetables in socialist, secular India are known to contain traces of human faecal matter.
How does a eunuch like MMS become Prime minister?
Other than drinking _____ of the Stalinist dynasty?

Incognito said...

The 'cow' referred in Vedas are supposed to mean 'wealth of knowledge', not the animal.

Shahryar said...

The expressindia.com published my comment!

This is so obviously a fake story invented by Congress Party plant Khanna to mock RSS the only people in India who care about the future of India. Tomorrow this will be quoted in Los Angeles Times, London Times, etc. and it will become cached forever on various websites!!!