Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dravidian neanderthals beseech Hindu "godman" for a miracle - to solve "Dravidian" hygiene

CHENNAI: The Tamil Nadu government has decided to knock on the doors of Sri Sathya Sai Trust once again, seeking help to clean up the Cooum river
which has been reduced to a drainage from a fresh water source.

Local administration minister M K Stalin and public works minister Duraimurugan will call on godman Sathya Sai Baba at Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh next week and request him to fund the much-awaited project. Their visit, planned this week, had to be postponed in view of chief minister M Karunanidhi's surgery scheduled for Wednesday

Whatever happened to the Stalinist DMK's mythology of "RATIONALISM",
"PROGRESSIVENESS", "SCIENTIFIC TEMPER" etc? That the imperialist neanderthals are now compelled to plead for a so called "godman's" intervention in a matter that essentially comprises the bare minimum of any government's core responsibility, i.e. to maintain the public infrastructure.

Are the DMK bigots admitting that taxpayer revenue has been squandered
completely on distributing TV's in fulfilment of the head neanderthal's election promise and otherwise enriching the crypto-christist foot soldiers of the Indian equivalent of the "Black Panthers"?

The people of Tamil Nadu should realise at least now that all these slogans of the "Dravidian" movement are just code words for hatred of Hinduism, Indic civilisation and Indian nationhood and that "Dravidianism" is the artificial construct of malicious Christist evangelicals and increasingly of Mohammedan proselytisers.

I wonder how a source of fresh water was turned into an open air septic tank over the years. This is a very real and physically proximate symbol of what the assorted "SECULAR" Stalinists have "accomplished" in India since "independence"(sic). It is their dogmatic policies that are entirely responsible for the evident squalor. And these dishonest neanderthals are the ones alluding disdainfully to some alleged "Hindu rate of growth" all the while perpetuating filth and indulging in celebratory orgies when a Western poverty porn flick is appreciated by the gutter inspectors.


blogger said...

Was just watching this show with Dr. Kiran Bedi. Some woman brought her mullah to the court because he married another ayesha. The jerk had 11 kids with the first woman and 8 from the second woman. The second woman had some more kids from her other husband who never divorced her and ran away with some other another ayesha. 19 kids, OMG. The jerk doesn't even have any monthly income. F**king liability on the nation's resources. What can we expect when their role model was and remains a anathema on humanity.

Chris said...

Blogger is right! F***king liability because that's all they know to do! And their religion teaches them that contraception is haraam. Not that the neanderthal would have known how to stop producing babies.

witan said...

To "Blogger", "Chris"
Did you note that the name of the woman who gave birth to OCTUPLETS recently (see Octuplets, 6 Siblings, and Many Questions ) is "Nadya Suleman" - a Mohammedan name? She already had "six young children", and now has FOURTEEN. APPARENTLY, ALL FOURTEEN WERE BORN BY IN VITRO FERTILIZATION! It appears that in the case of the octuplets, the "fertility doctor" placed EIGHT embryos in her uterus, whereas "bioethicists" are of the opinion that it was unethical even to have accepted her as a patient in view of the fact that she already had six children.

Ashish said...

Please do not use the word "Dravidian". That just propagates the theory that the rest of India is "Aryan", which is BS. All Indians are homogeneous, with differences of pigmentation with time.

It is a different thing for the braindead DMK to use the word, they want to keep society polarized with their lies. We can get our point across without giving any sort of credibility to the DMK, can't we?

Anamika said...

Look who is making these hatred utterances against the natives of this country? If dravidians are neanderthals aren't aryans caucasians who are aboriginals of European origin? Isn't it true that the dravidians and aryans are blood related brothers separated geographically due to migration millions of years ago? If anything is bringing immorality and suffering to the lives of dravidians it is the cold blooded cruelty of the aryans. When the British finally arrived in India they recognised their relationship with them and secretly allied with them and created caste system to divide and polarise this nation and dominate and rule this nation for ever denying their rights to natives of this country. If anything will save this nation it is this realisation of mutual brotherhood and not enmity against each other.